Address Balance Model

Flipside records the balance for every address that is involved within a transaction, in addition to account for such things as genesis allocation and mint-time distributions.

Balances for each address are rolled up into a daily balance table, account for every address we've seen on the network.

Daily Balance Table Schema




The date the balance was recorded.


The address the balance was recorded for.


The decimal adjusted balance recorded for the address.


The USD equivalent of the recorded balance.


The type of balance, i.e. 'liquid', 'staked', 'locked', etc.


The on-chain asset being recorded.

Dataset Features:

  • Current day data is updated throughout the day to provide an up-to-date reading of balances.

  • If an account is inactive one day, their previous day's balance is carried forward.

  • The currency field denotes which on-chain asset is being recorded.

  • Addresses are labeled according to our Label System.

  • Label fields are left blank (NULL) if the address is unlabeled.