What is Flipside?

Go deeper than block explorers and querying services with Chainwalkers and Flipside’s behavioral modeling. Use important insights to drive growth, and improve your network's value

Products and Services

Free Ratings and Asset Analysis

  • Fundamental Cryptocurrency Asset Score (FCAS): A comprehensive rating on overall project health.

  • FCAS Analytics: Dive deeper into your FCAS rating's subcomponents including Developer Behaviors, User Activity, and Market Maturity.

  • Chainwalker Analytics: Learn more about the volume, transactions, address counts, and event types on your network and perform basic competitive analysis against other Chainwalked projects. We’ll also provide organizational developer behaviors (repos, activities, active developers).

Identify Customers, Businesses, Operators, and Developers

  • Stakeholder Activities: Learn who your different users are and what they are doing. Our behavioral models convert your data into address labels and clusters, separate exchange and trader behaviors, and reveal your core customers. We then identify core customers based on their behaviors as Customers, Holders, Speculators.

  • Asset Flow: Understand in detail to who and where assets go by mapping of the flows of assets and rewards from the coinbase to the operators (miners, masternodes, validators, etc.) and to exchanges. See what your network is doing with rewards and staking.

  • Application Behaviors: See growth of applications on your platform and how they are performing.

  • In-Focus Insights: Your own data science team; ask us the questions that you think about most and we’ll partner with you for custom data science support. Kick off with an initial consult, monthly report, quarterly calls, and dedicated inbox team.

  • Competitive Analysis: Explore competitors with cross-chain analysis to identify successful trends and how emerging products are finding market fit.