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Welcome to Flipside!

Flipside generates the most reliable and comprehensive blockchain data. And we have the tools that let you build more with it. All for free.

Getting Started

🌲 Data Studio Analyze blockchain data with Snowflake SQL, create visualizations, and show off your insights with dashboards linked to your (or your team's) profile. Ideal for analysts: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), growing your analyst brand, building in public.
🛠️ API & SDK Generate an API key to submit queries directly from your dev or data science environment. Ideal for builders: Models, forecasts, or custom apps built in R, Python, React, or similar.
❄️ Flipside Pro (via Snowflake) Want Flipside's entire database in your stack? We can do that. Just reach out. Ideal for scaling a business with data: Teams needing dedicated compute, companies using AWS/GCP, protocols providing embedded analytics on their sites/apps.

Important Things to Know

  • All our data is accessible via SQL queries, and you'll use the Snowflake SQL dialect to access it.
  • Our core app is brand new (launched Feb 2023) and some documentation is available — we're actively building this out, including both text and video content — if you have questions that aren't answered here, please reach out in Discord.
  • Our data structures are and designed for ease of use and efficient querying, and are extensively documented. We regularly update our data structures to optimize efficiency.
  • Latency varies from table to table, but typically lags either 1 hour or 1 day at most, find the most up-to-date view on latency on this dashboard!
  • If you run into difficulty getting your queries to run, we provide a guide for efficient query writing. Need more assistance? Get help anytime in our Discord.
  • Learn more about contract decoding, and adding ABIs.

What blockchains and projects does Flipside have data on?

If it happens on-chain, we've got it.
Data includes core tables (blocks, events, transactions) for every chain, with added 'easy' tables (swaps, prices, etc.) and project-specific tables modeled by the Flipside community.
See our Data Table Documentation for a current list of supported chains. Don’t see the chain you’re looking for? We add new chains regularly, but you can drop a request in our Discord anytime.
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