Flipside Docs

Welcome to Flipside!

Flipside generates the world's most usable, comprehensive blockchain data, and gives you the tools you need to access it for free.

Getting Started

With the app at flipsidecrypto.xyz, and a little SQL knowledge, you can analyze blockchain data, visualize it, and share your results instantly. The app is the where most people get started, and it's perfect for everything from casual data exploration to intricate storytelling with comprehensive visualization and dashboarding tools. If you're looking for inspiration, you can also explore the published work of the best analyst community in web3 — it's right there on the homepage!
If you need programmatic access to blockchain data (say: you're building an app, or a trading model, or you prefer working locally in R or Python), you'll want to get set up with API access via ShroomDK.
If you're part of a team that's looking to work with our data in your own Snowflake environment, join our data with your internal data, or download large data sets from us, you'll want to request access to our Snowflake Data Shares.

Important Things to Know

  • All our data is accessible via SQL queries.
  • Snowflake is our data store, so you'll use Snowflake SQL to access it.
  • Our data structures are and designed for ease of use and efficient querying, and are extensively documented.
  • Latency varies from table to table, but typically lags either 1 hour or 1 day, at most.
  • If you run into difficulty getting your queries to run, we provide guidance for efficient query writing — and you can always get help in our Discord.

What blockchains and projects does Flipside have data on?

If it happens on-chain, we've got it. Data include core tables (blocks, events, transactions) for every chain, with added 'easy' tables (swaps, prices, etc.) and project-specific tables modeled by the Flipside community.
See our Data Table Documentation for a current list of supported chains.