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PR Checklist

Checklist for Submitting a SQL Model PR

When done with your work and you contribution is ready for review, open a PR for the Flipside team to review. A set of reminders is provided below.
A yml file must accompany every sql model with tests and documentation for the additions. If updating an existing model, be sure to update tests and documentation, where applicable. Notes on model properties are available on the Model Standards page.
  • Commit all changes of your working model to GitHub
  • Run git merge main to pull any changes that have been merged
  • Check for conflicts this may have caused, including up and down-stream dependencies.
  • Merge any and all final changes, ready for approval
  • Open a PR in GitHub with the following
    • Description of what is changing or being added.
    • The dbt command to run, default is likely dbt run -s <model name>+
    • Output of the dbt run showing success.
    • Output of a dbt test showing success.
  • Post in the Discord channel that your PR is ready for review and tag your Flipside contact to review.