What is Chainwalkers?

Chainwalkers is a blockchain parsing framework enabling the easy extraction and decoding of blockchain data. The framework is language agnostic, with a standard interface to write a blockchain parser against. We refer to your parser/integration as a "Chainwalker". Creating a Chainwalker provides Flipside with human-readable data that is used to provide insights and analytics.

What's the process for creating a Chainwalker?

  1. Kick Off Call: 30 minute kick-off call with Flipside's data integration team. On this call the Flipside team will walk thru the Chainwalkers framework and answer any questions.

  2. Post Kick Off: Flipside will provides your team access to:

    • A private Github repository where your integration/code will live.

    • A shared slack channel where we can collaborate and answer any questions

  3. Creating your Chainwalker: Your team begins by defining your schema, then writing your parser and finally dockerizing your environment.

If you're interested in integrating your blockchain with Flipside, but have not spoken with us yet please send an email to data@flipsidecrypto.com with the header "Chainwalkers Integration"