What is Chainwalkers?

This documentation serves as a technical overview for platforms, projects and partners integrating with the Flipside platform.

Flipside decodes blockchain data for a clearer view of stakeholder behaviors via Chainwalkers. We normalize raw blockchain events, cluster address labels, and run behavioral models. We map off-chain events to on-chain results and show how your ecosystem is growing.

Over 40 blockchains have integrated with Chainwalkers to power insights, and over 500 tokens receive project ratings.

We’ll work together with your team to get Chainwalkers up and running. The actual integration from your end takes between a couple hours and a couple days to write a parser, depending on the team.

The most time consuming part of the process is syncing with your chain. Typically, our infrastructure will attempt to make 100 requests/second. The more powerful the node you can provision, the faster we can finish syncing.

What's the process for creating a Chainwalker?

  • Kick Off Call: A quick, 30 minute call with your development team will get us smarter about you chain, set expectations, and enable communication. At the end of the call we will:

    • Produce an initial schema mapping document of your chain

    • Onboard you into Slack for real-time communication

    • Onboard you into a shared Github repository

    • Ensure we have shared expectations of what's needed through the process

  • Build your Chainwalker: Your team begins by:

    1. Defining your schema

    2. Writing your parser

    3. Dockerizing your environment

  • Blockchain Sync: We'll use the parser that you built in step two to ingest every block on your blockchain.

  • Insights and Analytics: Once your blockchain data is in our data warehouse, we'll run our behavioral models on it, translating into a more reflective FCAS score and an analytics dashboard.

If you're interested in integrating your blockchain with Flipside, but have not spoken with us yet please send an email to [email protected] with the header "Chainwalkers Integration"