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Snowflake Data Shares

Archival & Real-time blockchain data without the hassle of managing nodes or complex data pipelines.
Snowflake data shares gives you access to the entirety of Flipside's onchain databases in your own Snowflake environment.
This is the best option for teams that want to incorporate large amount of historical data, near real-time data, or want to join Flipside's data with their own internal data, all without ever managing any node or complex pipelines.
Flipside covers the cost of storage, and you only pay when you run a query (via Snowflake compute costs)
If it happens on-chain, we've got it. We have related off-chain data, too.
Data includes core tables (blocks, events, transactions) for every chain, with added 'easy' tables (nfts, swaps, prices, etc.) and project-specific tables modeled by the Flipside community.
We support 20+ blockchains and protocols. List here for documentation and public Github repos: https://data.flipsidecrypto.com/data-shares