Flipside Docs

Rate Limits

Rate limits for the API help us deliver consistent performance for all users.
Every API Key generated by a ShroomDK NFT comes with generous default limits. These limits are around query executions, not API calls.

How is usage against a rate limit computed?

Only query executions count as usage.
When a query is executed we hash the query statement and use this as a key to check whether query results already exist for the query statement and API key. If query results exist we return the cached results. This does NOT count against your rate limits.

What are the Default Limits?

Every API key is subject to a rate limit over a moving 5-minute window, as well as an aggregate daily limit.
Five Minute Burst Limit
Daily Limit

What if I require Higher Limits?

Rate Limits will be upgradeable via Spores, coming soon. Spores are separate NFTs that can be minted and attached to your ShroomDK NFT.
Initial Spore NFTs will allow you to upgrade things such as query run limits and query execution speed (compute power).
Need higher limits today?!
We're here to support and enable you. Reach out to us on Discord, explaining your use case, and we'll be happy to work with you to adjust your limits to best fit your needs.