Flipside Docs

Getting Started

Your API key to the most comprehensive blockchain data in crypto
Here's how to get programmatic access to the most comprehensive blockchain data in crypto for analysts, developers, and data scientists.

1. Mint the free NFT

Go to the ShroomDK page to mint your free ShroomDK NFT.
After minting, your API Key will be revealed, and can be plugged into the SDKs / API.

2. Choose your SDK

Walkthrough Link
✅ JS/TypeScript
✅ Python
✅ R
Want an SDK for another language? Or want to create your own SDK? Please reach out in Discord!
Alternately, you can also query data from our REST API.

3. Get inspired

Explore our data in the Flipside app, check out SDK code examples, and see what people in our community are creating.

4. Connect & create

Introduce yourself in the SDK Discord channels, ask questions and share what you're working on.:
Dedicated ShroomDK channels in our Discord host a vibrant community of creators.

5. Share your work

Tag @flipsidecrypto, share in Discord, and add your work to our Community Showcase — apps, data science, advanced analytics — the crypto space wants to see what you're creating.