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Where people can find all your best work, search and filter it, and see how to get get in touch with you (if that's something you want)!
This section will cover:

Building a Profile

From this example profile page, we can see the analyst's social accounts as well as all of their published dashboard.
If you'd like to connect with other analysts and crypto enthusiasts in the space, we encourage you to build out your profile page too. To edit your profile, click on your avatar image in the bottom left corner of the screen and select "Edit Profile".
Below is the edit profile page. This is where you can update all of your information.
Here are a few tips on how to fill this out:
  • The avatar and the background image will be what people see on the Analyst page as well. This is a great avenue to build and highlight your personal branding. To update those images, click on the 📷 icon on the page and upload your own.
  • The username field refers to your profile name for the Flipside data app. This is how other people will you on the Analyst page.
  • The social contact detail fields for twitter, discord, and telegram are completely optional. You can fill these out only if you're open to others contacting you via these platforms.