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Analyst Rewards

Get paid for your work.

Flipside has rewarded analysts with more than $3.3 million dollars for their Web3 expertise. And we’re just getting started.

We’re dedicated to paying analysts, not charging them. Build your brand while building your stacks.
Explore fun, new ways to earn some dough - now available at your fingertips.
Revenue streams for Flipside analysts:


More than $3.3 million has been rewarded to analysts through bounties. Want to earn on your own terms? By completing bounties, you can build your portfolio while you build your bag — it’s not #passiveincome, but it’s a great way to thrive as an independent analyst.
How to get started:
Find new bounties every week on the Metrics App.

Scavenger Hunts

For the curious, puzzle-addicted analysts that play as seriously as they work, scavenger hunts are a fun way to earn. Analysts have earned $620,000 through hunts. Game on, and get that bread!
How to get started:
Find new hunts on the Metrics App.

Top 8

Always aiming for the top? The Top 8 is like a weekly bonus check for the best of the best in social analytics. For every hour your dashboard spends in a Top 8 slot, you’re earning that #passiveincome.
How to get started:
Great work is rewarded by your peers. Dashboards are ranked by likes and social media engagement. Create and share dashboards that your peers value, and it will happen organically. Learn more

Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are data storytellers who specialize in one or more chains, and serve those chain’s communities with relevant data created on Flipside. You’ll become a trusted and helpful source of insight in your community, giving you the chance to spread the word about the importance and accessibility of data to your ecosystem.
How to get started:
Submit stellar dashboards. And get to know our team in our Discord so we can get to know you. We’ll reach out when we see you’re a go-to ecosystem expert.

Direct to Analyst Commissions

When specific questions, problems or projects pop up, we ask the community for help. These are big, one-off challenges with a big pay-off. Just keep honing your craft, and we’ll help you with the connections.
How to get started:
Make great work. Our team is always scanning dashboards to find hidden talent. Drop us a message in Discord, let us know what chain you’re an expert in.

Introducing: Analyst Tournaments

Tournaments are March-Madness-style bracket tournaments. Go head to head with other analysts - the best dashboards move on in the competition. Tens of thousands of dollars are up for grabs in each tournament.
How to get started:
Follow us on Twitter for tournament announcements and registration. Pro tip: we may start whitelisting tournaments, with a priority given to analysts who have had dashboards ranked in the Top 40 on Flipside. Happy querying.