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Flipside makes available the following SDKs as higher-level, more developer-friendly wrappers over the API. Examples for each SDK are available throughout the Concepts & Examples Section here.
Source Code (Github)
✅ Python
✅ JS/TypeScript
✅ R
Want an SDK for another language? Or want to create your own SDK? Please reach out in Discord!
Prefer to hit the API directly? You can skip the SDKs and query data directly from our API.
For legacy ShroomDK users: in May of 2023 Flipside released V2 of its API that enables faster, and more reliable querying as you scale up usage. We are currently upgrading the existing SDKs to be compatible with the V2 API. Your existing SDK integrations will be forward-compatible with the updated SDKs. That means the only thing you will need to do is upgrade to the latest version. The updated Python SDK is available today, with the JS/Typescript and R SDKs rolling out in the coming weeks.